Monday, 20 April 2009

Plaid out to undermine One Wales?

Take at look at this. Ok, Guido won't exactly be quaking in his boots.

What's more interesting is the source. It is now widely known that Welsh Ramblings is run by Plaid staffers in Cardiff Bay, and possibly also by Plaid workers at Party HQ.

This leaves one question: Is Plaid Cymru actively working to undermine its alliance with Labour by seeking to destablise the Welsh Secretary?

Thursday, 19 March 2009

WelshPostBox - a put up job?

Most people who read this blog and its ilk (i.e a few Assembly researchers, a few Assembly lobbyists and and a few Assembly journalists - and that's it) will have also read the disturbing, bordering-on-the-criminal intimidation of Luke Ellis at the WelshPostBox blog.

I have too, and one thing about it has become increasingly clear over the past few days - it's a massive put up job.

Whoever is writing this blog has one of two motives - to wind people up, or to implicate someone else for the blog's existence. I rule out number one because there's no humour behind it at all.

So we are left with number two - this is an attempt to make someone look really bad. And lo and behold, the finger of blame has instantly fallen upon Ellis's employer's leadership rival, Huw Lewis and his staff.

Free Speech Wales has led the charge but, to give him credit, he has neither implicated anyone specifically nor has shown any real interest in exposing the identity of the author(s). But the usual array of cybernats have shown no such scruples, piling in with their usual poisionous abuse, smears and speculative accusation.

It's difficult to know what's to be gained by all this pathetic nonsense. Thread contributors tell us this is hurting Huw Lewis's campaign, but it's hard to know if they are just kidding themselves or trying to make it come true.

Now, I have no evidence to back up this theory at all. I have no inside knowledge. Like Free Speech Wales I do not work for a political party, I do not belong to a political party and I do not work in the Assembly. But what I do know is that the bile, smears, personal abuse and general underhand tactics in the Welsh blogosphere come pretty much exclusively from one quarter - the many cybernats who blog and comments on others' blogs.

WPB is so threatening, nasty and OTT that it's only true purpose must be to create a false impression of CyberLewis smear tactics. I don't buy it. This one's got fit-up written all over it.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I've changed my mind

When this blog acquired its very own cyber stalker I set up a parody site. I had no intention of using it, as the first post made clear.

By now that my obsessional little friend has revealed himself to by just another Plaid blogger (almost certainly a staffer, but I'll leave the question of that one open) I've decided to make use of it.

Please pay a visit.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Free Wales Speech

Good to know my personal cyber stalker, the completely-impartial-and-not-at-all-a-Nationalist-front blog "Free Wales Speech" is quick on the uptake. What a shame he's not that quick witted.

He does seem very upset that I've criticised Welsh Drivelings. That wouldn't because you ARE Welsh Drivelings, would it? Oh no.

Anyway, good to know your reading Ramblings. And good also to know that I'm being so well read in the Assembly.

In summary, we are told to believe that Welsh Blog Watch is out to stifle debate by taking the piss out of others, while Free Wales Speech is performing some sort of democratic duty by err...taking the piss out of Welsh Blog Watch.

Work that one out if you can. To me it's just another fine example of just how far up their own arses most Welsh bloggers are.

In other news, the Total Pillock Spot of the Day has to go to Glyn Davies who writes:

"This blog takes a view on..." (some load of old shit that you really don't need to know about).

Don't ya love it when people refer to their own thoughts as if someone else wrote them down?

Update: Instantly, a response goes up. It's really funny. I honestly thought some of the crap that appears on the Welsh blogosphere was about as bad as it got. It turns out all I needed to do was post a few mildly critical comments and this guy is so upset he'll dedicate his life to cyberstalking me! Brilliant.

Monday, 16 March 2009

My new blog

You might have seen a new blog that has just been created. It's called Free Speech Wales.

This blog has been created to limit my free speech and close down my debate.

So I'm setting up a new blog - the Free Speech Wales Watch blog to monitor this new sinister blog's every move and report back.

This new blog says that it may carry on even if I shut down. I might do that, as nothing else proves so clearly what a load of shite the Welsh blogosphere is than the fact that someone has actually set up a site to watch me!


Thursday, 12 March 2009

Today's rancid offerings

Another day, another selection of instantly forgettable drivel:

1) Valleys Mam asks whether standing for a "no frills" party would get her elected to Parliament.

No love, it wouldn't.

2) David Jones, MP went on a train. He didn't like it.

Gee. Thanks for sharing.

3) But scraping the barrel as usual is Welsh Drivelings, who has a go at deaf people. Their needs, apparently, should be ignored and priority given to Welsh speakers instead.

Thoroughly charming people these Plaidies.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

You lot are pathetic...

The Welsh blogosphere loves to think of itself as some kind of new media source, challenging or complimenting the mainstream media of TV, radio and print.

Don't make me laugh. It's just a bunch of cranks and paid political hangers on talking to themselves, with a few paid hacks joining in because they've been told to by their editors.

No-one else is reading you. No-one.

Don't believe me?

Try this then. Of the last 100 pageloads to this site nearly 70 have come from two hosts: Seimens Business Services (the Welsh Assembly) and Trinity Mirror. Once you cut out other media and lobbyist organisations there's virtually no real punters at all.

So, crack on boys and girls. All the pathetic plagiarism and party political game playing is just wasting your own time.

Oh, and the taxpayers money. But then you don't care about that.